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Do you want to get in peak physical condition, but are bored by the traditional workout options. Punch Fitness offers a unique and engaging workout experience, no matter your fitness or skill level! Our classes focus on boxing and kickboxing techniques, and are sure to help you lose weight, tone muscle, and focus your mind. We know from experience that our classes not only help youth and adults get fit, but also develop skills for success outside the gym.

By focusing on fitness, confidence, and perseverance we offer our clients the opportunity to grow both their bodies and their minds. And what's more, you'll learn valuable self-defense techniques in a lively, engaging, group setting that'll have you ready to return each day for more. We have three convenient locations in South Daytona and would love for you to drop by for a free trial class. Get started today by filling out the form on your screen.

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Anyone at any age that wants to get superstrong and back into shape in the most fun inventive and creative way needs to sign up for class! This class and training has truly changed my life in the last six months. 🤪🥊

Kathleen Benson

This place is amazing!! I feel so great after every workout!

Vanessa Suarez

I’m so happy I found Punch and gave it a try, I love it! Super clean gym, the best coaches and really good workouts every class for every level of fitness.

Hollee Palot Kennedy

Trainers are top notch and ALWAYS keep you engaged. I love it and have never felt better!

Lyn Gildon

I signed up about 5 months ago and hands down it was the best decision ever. I was a little nervous in the beginning not having any experience however, everyone from the coaches to other gym members are so nice and friendly, encouraging one another to do better. 10/10 definitely recommend joining!!!

Kaitlyn Thomas

I was never much for going to the gym but I love going here. I work with there trainer Vanessa in her 6am class before I have to work. She is the reason I keep going. She knows when to push me and calls me out when I try to slack. I hope they don't move her to the new gym in New Symrna. She is also the reason I had my sister sign up.

Ashley Penley-Reyna

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